Design for businesses – high functionality and aesthetics

Mixed use building, retail – office – parking garage, Boulder, Colorado

Restaurant, tenant improvement to empty core and shell, Boulder, Colorado

Bank design, tenant improvement to empty core and shell, Boulder, Colorado

Software company design, tenant improvement to empty core and shell, Broomfield, Colorado

Software company design, tenant improvement to empty core and shell, Broomfield, Colorado

Restaurant, tenant improvement to empty core and shell, Boulder, Colorado

Pearl street, mixed use – retail/office, Boulder, Colorado

Ceiling, building renovation, educational/training institute, Broomfield, Colorado

Multipurpose space, office, Broomfield, Colorado

Pearl street, mixed use – retail/office, Boulder, Colorado

Kitchen/employee lounge/dining, educational/training institute, Broomfield, Colorado

Restaurant and office, mixed use building, Boulder, Colorado

Entrance, Community Health Center, Lafayette, Colorado

Attractive business environment attracts attention.

Use design to express your approach to serving customers.

Customers understand you through your visual design and brand.

Your business depends upon quality employees and their happiness.

Design communicates an underlying message about your business as service.

Aesthetic quality of your business environment influences customer experience and opinion.

D E S I G N – functionality, aesthetics and brand

Taking care of work environment and satisfaction of customers

“Very creative designs, excellent coordination with owners, a true gentleman, and a  pleasure to work with”

Jeff Combelic,
JDC Construction

Retail business
− building design draws your customers into your business
− attractive presentation and display of your merchandise
− expression of your environment communicates the quality of your product

Hospitality business
− an environment can welcome and communicate a sense of comfort
− with warm reception you express both efficiency and calm
− the inner and outer building design sets the tone of your establishment

Office space
− office architecture allows for employee engagement and the exchange of ideas
− contemporary work space nurtures cooperation
− employees enjoy flexible environments

− your facility layout and design will create a well-functioning system
− the creation of well designed spaces provides cleanliness and security

Conceptual design
− space planning, interior design, lighting design, and daylighting design
− design will respond to your spatial requirements and your budget
− green building design creates minimal carbon footprint

A S S E S S M E N T – business site, regulations, and code

Working with restrictions toward the business environment you need

New site
− define functional use program and municipal codes
− analysis of vehicular and pedestrian access to your business
− study of solar and wind exposure, flooding potential, noise, and soil conditions
− study of visual access and curb side appeal

Repurposing site (with or without additions)
− evaluation of reconfiguration advantages and problems
− analysis of ability to create a new, distinct exterior appearance and identity
− analysis of the cost of new construction vs. renovation

Feasibility and issues related to development
– size and shape of site compared to projected size of building
– slope of site
– site functional requirements such as parking and required open space
– development of the building architectural form and character

Adequate space and configuration for parking
– development of general building footprint
– vehicular ingress and egress from site
– mix of accessible, small, and large size spaces
– drop off and loading areas

Maximizing development of the site within land use restriction
– optimization of building size and function, return on investment
– location of building mass
– development of grading and parking layout
– location of open space, view corridors, distance to public right of ways
– signage and landscape plan

“I  have had the pleasure of working with Vern over the past 5 years. His professional skills and expertise assisted our Association with identifying our building construction re-design requirements and the overseeing of our contractors.”

John Lupinski, President,
Pearl Street Lofts Owner Association

“Reasonable cost for high quality building design services…”

“Rails End Beer Company engaged Vern Seieroe as the Chief Building Designer on our project to construct our Production Brewery, Public Taproom and Outdoor seating/Patio. From the very beginning, we knew he was the right person for the job. He provided amazing expertise, reasonable cost, willingness to be flexible, commitment to excellence and ability to work with the City to find cost-effective solutions for us to meet code requirements. We would highly recommend him to anyone requiring high quality building design services.”

Brett Cook, Co-Founder/Head Brewer
Rails End Beer Company