Home architecture serves the life you want to live

Addition and renovation, – residence, above Boulder, Colorado

Residence, above Boulder, Colorado

Barn renovation into residence with greenhouse – northern Boulder, County

Addition and renovation, residence, above Boulder, Colorado

Addition, residence, Boulder, Colorado

Deck, general renovation and addition, Boulder County, Colorado

Terrace, general renovation and addition, Boulder County, Colorado

Kitchen, part of addition and renovation, Boulder, Colorado

Residence and addition, Boulder County, Colorado

Design of painted carpet onto concrete, Boulder County, Colorado

Interior, residence addition and renovation, Boulder County. Colorado

Bathroom interior, residence addition and renovation, Boulder County. Colorado

Breakfast nook and kitchen, residence addition and renovation, Boulder, Colorado

Addition and renovation, residence, Boulder, Colorado

Home design serves more than your lifestyle.

It supports and helps you live your life values.

What is important to you?

Small or big, what defines home to you?

What do you cherish and enjoy most?

D E S I G N – your needs and preferences

Human values are non-negotiable

Family centered life
– the openness and connection of rooms can encourage kinship and shared experiences
– good spatial organization will enhance efficiency, interaction, and privacy alike
Individual space
– the balance of individual and shared space, including the placement of rooms for adult privacy, is essential for the well-being of all under the same roof
-the organization of rooms and the placement of walls, doors, and other openings can create nooks for study, work, and quiet activities
Guests and entertaining
– if entertaining is a big part of your lifestyle, it is important to design spaces that sufficiently serve both your hosting and home life needs
Connecting with the environment
– create an optimal view from the residence by taking advantage of the surrounding environment
– terraces, patios, and play areas around the house increase the sense of size and expand the residential space
Privacy matters
– utilizing walls, the shape of the home, room placement (both in front and back), fences, and landscaping creates privacy and minimizes unwanted noise

A S S E S S M E N T – the site, surroundings and regulations

Working with restrictions towards the home you want

Assessment of the site
– natural features of the site, such as the shape, slope of the land, rock outcroppings, sunlight, wind, and the near and distant views, are taken into account for optimal architectural design
Impact of the site’s surroundings
– the existing and future surrounding buildings informs the design of the site and the placement and shape of features such as balconies, terraces, windows, and doors
– a home’s architecture is also influenced by nearby movement and activities as well as the noise from and access to streets and pathways
Working with government regulations
– land use regulations, building codes, fees, and inspection inform and influence building a house from start to finish
– another essential part of the planning process is incorporating the codes that regulate material structural systems, plumbing, heating and cooling systems, lighting and solar energy
– mitigating regulations may require negotiating with government agencies and commissions

“Designer, coordinator and nagotiator…”

“Vern, besides providing the architectural design of the rearranged and new parts of our re-build efforts, he also coordinated work with our general contractor, earth moving contractors, geotechnical and structural engineers to keep a very complex, difficult and multifaceted project on track to completion. Since the house had been destroyed by a landslide, negotiating the Boulder County Hazard Mitigation Review process was required. Vern’s knowledge of the county’s land use and code requirements was especially helpful. Our project was one of the first to complete the rigorous and involved process newly revised after the devastating flood. Working with Vern is easy. His genuine concern for our situation and affable personality were a huge plus in getting through this difficult and complicated project. Can’t say enough about his professional and personal contributions to getting our home rebuilt!”

Dr. Allen Saville